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Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner

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The Contura series from Fjords combines Scandinavian design with NASA science to create the ultimate recliner. Doctors recommend the zero-gravity position, with legs above your heart, as the healthiest way to sit, allowing your body to break free of the stress of gravity. The Contura 2080 features sleek and stylish aluminum arms with padding on top. Features Astro Line Leather.
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Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner in Black Profile View

  • Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner in Black Profile View
  • Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner in Black Side View Reclined
  • Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner in Black Side View

Fjords, Scandinavian design icons. Norwegian designed and crafted taking their inspirations from the Norwegian landscape, producing comfortable quality furniture for 70 years. The product line epitomizes the labor of machines and the skill of hand craftsmanship. Soft, pure lines, comfort and uniform styles provide carefully matched model groups. The natural beauty of full leather enhances the experience of a great piece of furniture. Choose Fjords from Hjellegjerde.

  • Dimensions: Width: 31 in. - Height: 44 in. - Depth 34.6 in.
  • Seating Measurements: Height: 17.7 in. - Depth: 20.5 in.
Nordic Line (NL): A fully protected top grain leather which undergoes careful processing to ensure a finished product that is more resistant to liquids and sunlight. This treatment also protects Nordic Line leather from stains and minor wear while reducing everyday maintenance to an absolute minimum. A perfect choice for furniture that is heavily used. Soft Line (SL): Features a unique softness and natural feeling for added comfort. Soft Line leather is treated with a delicate, protective finish that protects against stains and improves resistance to liquids. Soft Line is an ideal solution for families that want to enjoy the pleasure of quality leather furniture without having to alter their normal routines in order to maximize the life of their furniture. Astro Line (AL): Semi-anilin: Although the term is typically defined as being only partially aniline dyed, aniline dyeing is in fact only part of the process. The term semi-aniline means that some surface pigments have been applied to the natural leather to even out tones, mask blemishes and make it more resistant to liquids. Compared to pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leathers offer improved resistance to spills and environmental factors. Astro Line leather is slightly thicker than other furniture leather while still maintaining a natural softness and excellent resistance to wear and tear.

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Our materials and production controls give you a 10 year guarantee on all steel structures and 5 years on foam, plastic parts and woodwork. All Fjords® products are traceable. A label under the armrests or beneath the piece of furniture will reveal when the product was made. For general inquiries regarding our products, we would ask you to kindly refer to this label. Some of our products have special guarantee provisions on parts of the product, which may differ from the general guarantee.

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Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner