Adding Accent Tables to Your Design

One of the most enjoyable parts of any interior design project is discovering those last few key pieces that pull the entire room together. This is often the moment to get creative and bold in your choices, and draw the … Continue reading

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Office Productivity: Designing Workplaces That Work

According to research into productivity, the most important factor determining an employee’s focus is the physical environment. While plenty of sleep and hydration can help, where you work is just as important as how you work. In fact, studies suggest … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Combat Office Fatigue

No matter how devoted you are to your career, anyone can suffer from the productivity-draining impact of office fatigue. For many workers, there’s a time a couple of hours after lunch when you find your concentration beginning to wander, and … Continue reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Ergonomics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Poor ergonomics within a workspace can greatly affect your comfort, focus, and performance. Here’s how to properly set up an ergonomic workspace to keep you on task, productive, and injury-free during your workday. Share This Infographic On Your Site <p><strong>Please … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Stay in Shape in a Desk Job

As we continue to transform our lives with new technology and innovations, the average manual labor career is becoming a thing of the past. Today, many professionals spend most of their day tapping away at a keyboard, filling out digital … Continue reading

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